Visiting PUST, October 2015

Newsletter - October 2015

“I know your works. Behold, I have set before you an open door, which no one is able to shut.” Revelation 3:8

Significant breakthroughs occurred at Kim Manyu Hospital-the official teaching hospital for PUST DMS School of Medicine.

Two young physicians, Drs. Jennifer Roh and Elijah Kim, taught ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Saving) course at Kim Manyu Hospital to the Cardiology department and won their respect.

The small group case-based practice stations with ACLS allowed us to have a time of close interaction with the NK physicians that promoted learning and interchange of ideas in the common goal of patient care. The NK doctors were eager to learn and showed enthusiasm to learn new ways to treat patients.

Dr. Elijah Kim, a young trauma surgeon had an opportunity to demonstrate his skill in performing a laparoscopic procedure.  He was able to make impactful friendships with NK physicians and was welcomed back to teach them new procedures.

Dr. John Lee, an ophthalmologist from Australia, gave an “eye-opening” lecture to NK physicians, and Dr. Jeff Choh, an interventional radiologist, was helpful to teach NK physicians and offer them assistance in the use of new techniques.

The response at Kim Manyu Hospital was warm and receptive. We shared a meal of Kimchi pizza together with NK physicians in an atmosphere of laughter and open sharing.  Our hearts were full as we realized that closed doors were opening to us in a spirit of friendship and mutual support.  As the teaching hospital of PUST DMS School of Medicine, they also welcomed our support to improve the services at Kim Manyu Hospital.



Kimchi Pizza! Yum! Yum!

Kimchi Pizza – Yum, Yum!

The young people on this trip connected with the PUST students, naturally forging friendships that crossed cultural barriers.  The young people played Ping-Pong, basketball and football together.

The laughter that resonated throughout the PUST campus was like music touching the deepest parts of the soul transcending the limitations of language alone.

The children of North Korea won and stole all of our hearts.   One day, we went hiking up in the mountains when all of a sudden, we found ourselves surrounded by a mass of children on a field trip.

One little boy caught our attention.  Everyone else was getting their pictures taken, but he was left out and his facial expression showed his disappointment.


Seeing himself in the camera

Seeing himself in the camera

May all the children of North Korea ONE DAY  be filled with TRUE JOY!

“The team was great.  What a privilege to spend a week with so many godly people.  I will treasure the times of encouragement and laughter we shared.  Interacting with the students was the highlight…”         Dr. John Lee

“In the past, Pyongyang Airport looked like a small dark city hall, but I was amazed to see that it was remodeled as an international airport.  Through this I could see the possibility for the future change of NK.”  Dr. Paul Koh

New Pyongyang Airport

“The best and most memorable part of the trip for me was the morning prayer meetings and the evening sharing time (in our guest house on the PUST campus). I learned so much from the team, young and old, new and experienced.”   Dr. Eunice Lee  

What incredible moments we shared together in North Korea.

We are so thankful for all the people on the Team, at PUST and in North Korea.

We enjoyed several field trips- hiking in the beautiful mountains, touring around the city of Pyongyang, visiting a large city market, and dining in several local restaurants. We were able to see the faces of NK people up close, both young and old.  We saw smiles on their faces with hope for a better future for themselves and their children.  We were greeted with warm handshakes, with hands waving even from strangers on the streets.

We saw first-hand the rapid changes occurring in the city with traffic jams and tall new buildings changing the skyline.  We witnessed the transformation of a society striving not just to survive, but also to be recognized as significant.

Jenni went over and took his picture and the smile that lit up his face was priceless.

We will be back….

And Soon!!!