Procurement Needs

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Procurement Needs

To upgrade the Kim Man Yu Hospital we’ll need the following equipments and supplies.

OR Supply List

Multi-positional operating table2
Articulating joint directional operating light6
Anesthesia machine (EKG, CVP, Arterial line, EtCO2, PAP, O2 Sat)2
Aerosol Mask10
Corrugated Aerosol Tubing10
Oropharyngeal Airway Small5
Oropharyngeal Airway Medium5
Oropharyngeal Airway Large5
Nasopharyngeal Airway Small5
Nasopharyngeal Airway Medium5
Nasopharyngeal Airway Large5
Anesthesia Drug Labels5
Bag Valve Mask5
Face Tent5
Nasal Cannula10
Anesthesia Screen2
Corrugated Ventilator Circuit Pediatric10
Corrugated Ventilator Circuit Adult10
Shoulder Roll2
EKG leads10
Suction Catheter5
Kick Bucket2
Biohazard Waste Bags10
Adult Breathing Bag2
Pediatric Breathing Bag2
T-Piece Ventilator Adapter2
Yankauer Suction Handle5
Alcohol Prep10
10cc Syringe10
5cc Syrine10
Oxygen Tubing10
Adjustable Tube Tree2
Arterial Line Support Splint5
Arterial Line10
Central Venous Catheter10
ETT Tubes Multiple Sizes10
ETT Stylet10
Blood Pressure Cuffs Multiple Sizes10
Nasogastric Tubes Multiple Sizes10
Sterile Gloves Multiple Sizes10
4x4 Gauze50
Medical Tape5
Intravenous lines Multiple Sizes50
2 Way Stopcock10
3 Way Stopcock10
Sterile Gloves Multiple Sizes50
Sterile Gowns Multiple Sizes50
Face Shields50
Chest Tubes Multiple Sizes10
Pigtail Catheters Multiple Sizes10
Iodine Sterilizing Prep50
Sterile Towels50
Abdominal Pads50
Intravenous Fluids Varied50
Intravenous Line Tubing50
Foam Anesthetic Head Support10
Sterile Draping Varied50
Sterile Ultrasound Probe Cover10
Laparotomy Pads20
Mayo Stand2
Arm Sled4
Foley Catheter50
Vacuum Container20
Blake Drains Varied50
Jackson Pratt Drains Varied50
Skin Stapler20
Medipore Tape2
Shoe Cover50
Mayo Stand Sterile Cover10
Lithotomy Leg Holder4
Operating Table Gel Pad2
Operating Table Vacuum Bean Bag2
Instrument Table2
Operating Table Arm Boards4
Sterilizing Cleaining Solution (Bleach)5
Tracheostomy Tube Varied Sizes5
Tracheostomy Tube Adapter5
Chest Tube Water Vacuum Containers5
Foley Urinary Catheter Collection Bags10
Bulb Suction10
ACE compressive bandaging10
Gauze Wraps10

Medical Equipments for Radiology

Digital X-ray Unit
Mammography Unit
Angiogram Suite

Medical Supply List

Medical SupplyQty.
Contrast Material
Ultrasound Gel
Alcohol Swab/Bandages