2016 PUST SOM Meeting


This year’s meeting was well attended with over 50 people attending Friday night’s event and 47 people attending Saturday’s meeting, representing numerous ministries from all over the United States.

A warm welcome was extended from the Founding Dean of the School of Medicine, Dr. Dave Roh.

Dr. Jeff Choh, the national fundraising director for PUST DMS, gave an excellent presentation about the “The Vision of PUST DMS”, and with informative slides, motivated the audience to get involved in this project.


Two organizations that are partnering with PUST SOM – Esther Foundation and GMMA-were introduced.

Dr. Sue Kim, president of Esther Foundation shared a moving video clip about the first missionaries to Korea.

”Esther Foundation is dedicated to … support individuals and organizations interested in short-term or long-term missionary work by providing funding.”

Dr. Peter Chung, president of GMMA (Global Medical Missions Alliance) was also present to share his heart for NK and to show his support for the PUST SOM.  Several speakers from PUST DMS and SOM will be featured at GMMA’s National Conference–this will be held on June 24-25, 2016 at Korean Bethel Church in Irvine, CA.

Saturday started with a time of praise and worship led by Dr. Jennifer Roh, and a time of corporate prayer.

It was followed by an inspiring message from Dr. Neil Thompson who explained the background of many missionary movements and the impact of their sacrificial services to those regions.

Saturday was an all day “Work Meeting” covering topics of Website Development, Fundraising, Public Relations, Recruitment, Credentialing, Human Resource, Procurement, Resources & Supplies, Administration & Operations, Communication, Curriculum development, Finance, Board Development, & Bylaws.

A lot of ground was covered, not just to till the ground and start work in some of the areas, but in others to finalize.  Conversations occurred in between bites of food, working through lunch to maximize time for work.


Dinner was enjoyed at the Roh’s house with delicious “Hwe-dup-bab” prepared by Mrs. Jane Park.  The fellowship was sweet to melt hearts together in unity and with the common goal of seeing the PUST School of Medicine become a reality to transform healthcare in North Korea.